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January 30 2024


  • Feature Added a new option to change the title position for "collection" sections.
  • Improvement Greatly-improved the reliability and speed of large GIF images (Thanks, Andrew!).
  • Improvement Improved admin formatting so toolbars don't cover image lightbox controls (Thanks, Kevin!).
  • Improvement Improved internal architecture to allow for faster and more easily-maintainable "sections".
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that caused page tags to show up too many times in collection tag menus (Thanks, SeĢbastien!).
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused the mobile header of the "Canyon" theme to be too wide in some cases (Thanks, Justin!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that could cause changes to themes and layouts to appear not to save and revert to previous state.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that sometimes caused "spread" sections to stop working.